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LCH  is about bringing you luxury to every day, every piece is crafted to indulge your senses.


LCH  is a French company that specialises in bedding and towels made from the fine yarns of Egyptian cotton. Every piece we make brings you a touch of elegance.


LCH  prides itself for being linked with the legacy of Egyptian cotton, one of the very few natural fabrics that is a label for luxury itself.  All our fabrics are made from traceable cotton, which ensures the quality of our fabrics to craft a special touch for you.


LCH  sources its cotton from specific farms in Egypt, the production is done with 60 years of heritage by a  family-owned textile factory, then delivered to you.

LCpassionately serves the hospitality sector and individual clients for bespoke services. We value our clients, not only with the quality of our products but also with the quality of our service we are committed to delivering.

About LCH