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LCH  is always committed to bring you the elegance of touch, which begins with the yarns used in all our products. Here is why LCH  brings you the touch of exclusiveness.

Fiber Length
Fiber length.png

The legacy behind the Egyptian cotton lies with the length of its fibers-it has the longest cotton fibers compared to the cotton harvested from the rest of the world.

The longer the fiber of the cotton, the less conjugations are required to make the same length of the yarn. With less conjugations there will be less expsed ends, resulting in a much stronger yarn.

Yarn Thickness
Yarn thickness.png

Yarn thickness is another reason that makes our products further special, as the thickness of the yarn determines the weight and the softness of any fabric, as we move higher with finer yarns, we are able to have a lighter and softer fabric without breaking.

The fine yarns of our Egyptian cotton makes your sheets:

  • Softer with use

  • Its whiteness doesn't fade

  • Hypoallergic

  • Allow the passage of air

  • Absorbent

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